Talent as a Service: Discover 5 advantages of the hiring model that is trending around the world

por Alexei Martchenko

Understand the benefits of adopting a Talent as a Service hiring model in your company.

Talent as a Service (TaaS) is one of the novelties in the area of ​​human resources in recent times. 

In order to attract more people with more adequate technical capacity for specific projects, Talent as a Service has established itself as an excellent hiring option in the job market worldwide.

The main advantage of this type of contract is, without a doubt, the agility and efficiency with which projects are carried out and, also, a better allocation of peripheral work, since it is possible to hire professionals anywhere in the world.

In this model, companies hire professionals when and how they need them, thus having a precious cadre of talent to choose from, which makes it a lot easier for project managers. In addition to expanding job opportunities for a much larger number of professionals.

TaaS makes a lot of sense, for example, for small businesses that can make short-term hires to handle spikes in workload over a given period, keeping the organization lean when workloads decrease.

And despite having advantages for small companies, large companies began to benefit greatly from this working model. Today we have multinationals such as Microsoft, for example, that have adopted TaaS and benefit from talent from around the world, generating extremely positive results and without a high cost.

The Talent as a Service model is undoubtedly a way to both cut expenses and keep expenses under control.


Discover five advantages of Talent as a Service

Discover five advantages of Talent as a Service

If you are in doubt about the advantages of the Talent as a Service model, here are five of the main benefits that this type of hiring can bring to a company. Check out:

01 – Savings: By hiring the professional only for the period necessary to execute the project for which he was assigned, this brings savings to the company, as it will not need to maintain long and costly contracts in its staff.

02 – Efficiency: as the company hires a determined professional with all the necessary expertise for that project, the work ends up being carried out more efficiently. Sometimes a fixed team member in the company does not have all the technical knowledge needed for a certain project or task.

03 – Avoid talent shortage: it allows the company to always have access to more qualified professionals, thus avoiding the talent shortage that haunts the corporate market so much.

04 – Fast: When hiring a professional for a specific project and with the necessary skills to execute it, projects are delivered faster.

05 – Multicultural: your company ends up having a multicultural team of professionals: of all types, from different places and with different cultures, strengthening the brand and making your workplace a better and more egalitarian place.

By accepting all diversity, the company will demonstrate its values ​​and still add positive qualities and stand out in the job market.

Advantages of Talent as a Service for freelancers

Advantages of Talent as a Service for freelancers

Standing out from the competition is one of the top considerations for any freelancer. Although a company’s permanent employees can count on some benefits, it is the freelancer’s responsibility to keep their skills up to date, in addition to developing and perfecting new skills – this makes them a much more prepared professional for more complex tasks or short deadlines.

There are numerous online resources available for anyone looking to learn new skills – whether through YouTube, blogs, webinars, etc.

A great way to beat the competition and stay competitive in the job market is to post your resume and skills online. This will allow companies to find your services more easily, putting you ahead of other candidates.


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