Technology professionals: why are Latin American developers the new engine for U.S companies?

The world is “shrinking” and technology developers are spread across many different countries. But why is it more advantageous to contract from Latin America?

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Digitalization and the anywhere office trend in recent years have led to a major increase in the contracting of technology professionals from Latin America by U.S. and European companies. And the companies are not alone in seeking this work regime. The professionals themselves are also pursuing new opportunities in companies with better pay and that offer more flexible work models. In Mexico, for example, 90.9% of IT professionals want more flexibility from their companies to work from home or in the hybrid model. According to Hireline’s 2022 Job Market Report, 53% of them are also in search of a new job.

What makes LATAM so attractive for U.S. companies? 

Cultural Similarities 

Latin American countries have cultural experiences similar to those of the US. This makes integration of members of the same team easier, even in different countries.

Time zone 

Managing talents from other countries can become difficult for companies when the time zones are very different. This is not the case with technology developers from Latin America in U.S. companies. Since the time zone is very close, management and communication with the professionals is much easier and more practical. 


Latin America’s base wages are lower compared to those in the US and Europe. This makes it easier to hire LATAM professionals at lower prices. In the area of technology, for example, regional demand is lower, and this makes average salaries lower than in the US. 

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Untapped Potential 

According to data from Evans Data Corporation (EDC), there are currently 26.9 million developers worldwide. This number is estimated to increase by about 1 million each year. And Latin America is the region with the second highest growth in developers globally.

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Source: Hireline’s 2022 IT job market report

Now that you understand why Latin America is a region with significant potential for hiring your developer team, let’s talk about how this works in practice.


How to find, hire and manage Latin American talent from another country 

Your company can rely on Alstra to find, hire and manage your LATAM professionals. We are an end-to-end solution that seeks, hires and manages qualified talent with flexible contracts for your company. 

Check out the step-by-step process: 

1) Define your needs

On Alstra’s platform, you share your needs and describe the project and/or the professional you are looking for.

2) Find the talent

In the traditional model, this step tends to become one of the most difficult and time-consuming, but this time is reduced with Alstra. Our talent base includes over 80,000 evaluated and qualified professionals from different areas to meet a wide variety of needs. 

3) Talent curator 

After finding professionals that fit your company’s project description, the experts will receive a request to confirm availability and submit a proposal for the project/activity. Alstra will then begin the individual curatorship process and approved experts are released to the company’s dashboard. From there, you can choose the best professional for your company directly on Alstra’s platform. 

4) Hiring and onboarding

Your company’s contract is with Alstra. We take care of all administrative matters related to the professional, from onboarding to offboarding, with flexible contracts and always in compliance with local labor laws and regulations. 

5) Talent management

Your company can use the Alstra platform to track milestones and deadlines, extend contracts, and provide feedback throughout the course of the entire project.


Is your company ready to hire LATAM talent via Alstra? Join the new world of work. Contact our sales team and learn more about everything we can offer your company. 


About Alstra

Alstra is a solution that allows experts from different fields to work on strategic projects in renowned companies throughout the world. It helps leading companies access agile, flexible, and on-demand hiring to continue innovating in the new world of work. 

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