7 tips to optimize your resume to be read by robots

For your resume to reach a human, it has to be approved by a robot first. Check out 7 tips to optimize your resume to be read by robots.

por Alexei Martchenko

A survey performed by the Harvard Business School showed that over 90% of the employers interviewed use their RMS (Recruitment Management System or Marketing) to initially filter or rank potential medium (94%) and high (92%) ability candidates. These systems are very important and work to maximize process efficiency. This means that only the most suitable professionals for the job or project are chosen in advance. 

These systems are used to minimize the work of companies that receive a high volume of resumes all at once, and to optimize the suitability of the professional to the specific project. However, many qualified professionals are being “left behind” in the databases of different companies. Why does this happen? 

One of the main reasons for this to occur is that many professionals are unaware of how to fill their resumes and profiles with the precise information that automatic readers capture. Since the initial contact is made through a screening algorithm, the professional ends up being left in the shadows, even when they are qualified for the project. 


How do I optimize my resume and profile to be read by robots?

Check out some tips we prepared to help you optimize your professional profile and be sure that your resume is being read by robots. 

Choose keywords carefully

When artificial intelligence reads your resume, it is analyzing the text you created. Having extensive experience in the area is no longer enough, you have to describe it with the right words to make a difference and pass the algorithm that matches your resume to the open project. 

Pay attention to the nomenclature of the positions and fill out your profile with your skills, languages and academic background, always optimizing your choice of keywords.

How to choose keywords

To learn which keywords you should use in your resume, you can search job sites and analyze the most common words used for the job description. Do this in more than one place and write down the main terms used to advertise the positions you want to fill. After that, just add them to your profile or the text of your resume. 

Another tip is to focus on keywords for hard skills, since the first filter will normally be for these abilities

optimize your resume to be read by robots

Charts and images can impair reading

Some software cannot read images in resumes. To prevent this from happening in yours, avoid using elements such as images, charts and pictures.

Do not place important information in the header and footer 

Another very common problem is text added to the header or footer of a Word document, since many programs are also unable to read this content. That’s why you should avoid placing information in these areas. 

Be careful with the layout of your resume 

When it comes to putting together your resume, simple is best. Avoid using very complex templates and layouts. Many information extraction algorithms cannot read “pretty” CVs. 

currículo bonito

Customize your resume according to the position you want to apply for

In some cases, you can tailor your resume to the vacancy you are applying for. But you can also insert all the information you consider relevant from your professional career to ensure your profile is always 100% up to date

Do not generalize information

Try to be as specific as possible in the information you add to your resume. That way, you can be sure that all the keywords and important information for your resume are present in the text.


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