10 tips from experienced recruiters to help you succeed in any application process

Important tips for you to impress any recruiter on a job interview!

por Alexei Martchenko

This article is for you who are looking for a new job, wanting to re-enter the market or make a change in your professional career and are going through several job interviews. Alstra’s team of recruiters, made up of Bruno Mota, Carla Charão, Gisele Baston and Jéssica Duarte, prepared 10 unmissable tips for you to do well in the selection process. Check it out below!

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Prepare for the interview

Make a mental map and remember your success stories and how you were an important piece in the evolution of the project/company, and don’t forget to report them during the interview.

Study the Position

Check out all the requirements for the spot and make sure you mention your experience with them.

Study about the company

Check the company’s website and look for the mission, vision and values ​​to confirm you identify with them (or not!). Taking a look at all social networks can also help you better understand what the company culture is like.

Practice communication

Study your own resume and simulate an interview. This helps a lot to develop your communication/response skills.

Keep your Linkedin and Resumé up to date

Keep the latest experiences informed, the description of the activities carried out and never forget to inform the entry and exit dates of each company.


Structure your Resumé

Organize experiences and academic background in chronological order. When including your personal data, put only essential information, such as full name, email, telephone and address.

Show energy at the time of the interview

Be enthusiastic, show interest, enjoy the interview! It is the perfect opportunity to captivate the recruiter’s sympathy.

Ask the interviewer questions

No need to invent questions you don’t want to know the answer to! But asking about the structure of the area, the scope of work, the main responsibilities and challenges, will show that you are interested in the position you are applying for.

Keep an ethical stance

Keep information from past experiences confidential. Talking bad about companies or previous managers/colleagues doesn’t do any good.

Be honest

Be honest about your experiences and knowledge, don’t be afraid to say you don’t know some things. And remember… You can always ask when you have any questions!



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